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• Links

Name Description
KX-T Help mailing list Mailing list whose subscribers discuss all aspects of Panasonic's KX-T series telephone systems (PBXs).
Official Panasonic KX-TD1232 site The official US homepage for the Digital Super Hybrid Systems.
Rander PBX control & mointoring tool A PBX controlling and monitoring tool. Call logs and contacts in a network environment.
Able Communications - Information and support A collection on information provided by Able Communications to help in usage of their telecoms products.
Able Communications - Sales Store front-end for Able Communications selling a variety of telecoms products but focusing on panasonic.
Datatex Dynamics Datatex provide lots of software related to telephony - call centre software, telephone management and CTI.
PBXSoftware Home of "Programmator" the PBX programming tool as well as many other PBX related programs.
http://www.wedophones.com/PanasonicManualsLead.htm Panasonic Manuals in PDF form - very useful
http://www.tek-tips.com/threadminder.cfm?pid=936 Panasonic Solutions Forum
http://www.ablecomm.com/panphonsysve.html Able Communications Panasonic phone system versions

• Downloads

Name Size Description
1232cepg.pdf 3.0M Programming Guide - KX-TD812 / KX-TD-1232
bKXTDV4UM.pdf 2.2M User Manual - KX-TD816E / KX-TD132E (V4?)
bTDV5_UM.pdf 3.5M User Manual - KX-TD816E / KX-TD132E (V5?)
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